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SMA Smart Home

SMA Smart Home




The SMA Smart Home ensures with its modular design that system operators can individually determine to what extent they want to carry out energy management. This applies to existing and new systems, for a wide range of power classes and to individual storage solutions. SMA Smart Home is primarily based on its essential functions as “intelligence,” automatic load control, temporary PV electricity storage and thermal use of solar power. Thus, everyone can take part in the energy transition.


Approx. 57 percent less electricity from utility companies*

Self-consumption boosted from 30 to an average of 65 percent*

Use of solar power possible 24 hours a day

All PV power generated annually is used, even when the power feed-in is limited to 70 percent or less of nominal generator power

Can be used to upgrade almost any existing PV system

Maximum flexibility in terms of storage, battery type and battery capacity

Future-oriented with Smart Grid compatibility

* All figures are based on an annual PV generation of 5,000 kWh, annual power consumption corresponding to PV generation, an actual battery capacity of 5 kWh and the use of the Sunny Home Manager.


Whether new or existing systems, virtually every PV system can be equipped or retrofitted with the SMA Flexible Storage System. Customers are free to choose the storage and battery capacity and battery type most appropriate for their needs. Almost any lead acid or lithium-ion battery from most major manufacturers works well with the SMA Flexible Storage System. The storage capacity can be expanded at any time by adding more battery modules.

Depending on the technical requirements and personal preferences of a system, there are a variety of possible options for PV inverter and battery combinations. The examples below show the most common constellations for residential PV systems.

What do I need – Core Elements

Sunny Island Battery Inverter


The flexible, retrofittable battery inverter for energy storage and a maximum self-consumption rate: As one of the core elements of the SMA Flexible Storage System, the new Sunny Island offers in conjunction with the Sunny Remote Control, the optimal features for temporarily storing self-generated solar energy for later consumption. Reliable and rapid communication with other system components like the Sunny Home Manager is guaranteed by the integrated Speedwire data module. The Sunny Island guarantees flexibility when it comes to system size and choice of inverter as well as in battery capacity and type. Already today, lithium-ion batteries from leading battery manufacturers are supported. 





Sunny Home Manager


The Sunny Home Manager is the ideal solution for intelligent energy management as part of the SMA Flexible Storage System. One key-factor is the standard access to the Sunny Portal which makes it possible for the Sunny Home Manager to obtain an overview of all energy flows in the home, control loads automatically and integrates batteries as an intermediate storage unit. By taking the PV generation forecast into account, the Sunny Home Manager facilitates optimal load management – and therefore far higher self-consumption rates. In addition, the active power fed into the utility grid can be limited to any value between 10 and 100 percent of the installed PV array power via remote parameterization.



Storage systems are used around the world for different reasons: to provide additional supply security and greater self-sufficiency, or to make PV systems more cost-effective by increasing the rate of self-consumption. Therefore battery requirements vary accordingly.

SMA leaves the decision up to the system operator by offering the SMA Flexible Storage System. They are free in their choice of the battery when ordering the storage modules – without being bound to one manufacturer, battery type or capacity. For battery capacities between 100 and 10,000 Ah, lead acid batteries are available from almost all manufacturers. Lithium-ion batteries are offered by companies such as LG Chem, Sony, Samsung, SAFT, Dispatch-Energy, Akasol and Leclanché.

PV Inverter

The transformerless Sunny Boy is the ideal solution, especially for demanding PV arrays and partly shaded systems. As a popular inverter for use in the SMA Smart Home, it offers a number of additional advantages. It is flexible in its range of applications, provides exceptionally efficient yields and its handling is incredibly easy as well. The high DC voltage of 750 V creates a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required. In addition, the integrated grid management functions make the device suitable for universal applications and allow them to actively support the grid.

The SMA PV Inverter comes in two options depending on your electricity Supply. Single Phase Installations use the Red Single Phase PV Inverter and Three phase installations use the Blue Three phase PV inverter.




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