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Solaris Green Energy has built experience

Experience you can depend on

Solaris Green Energy have a background in solar rooftop installation and solar products stretching back many years. Solaris Green Energy has been set up to bring this experience to Thailand and Asia.

Solaris Green Energy Solar Roof System

Independence you can rely on

Solaris Green Energy has a Network of professional Installers in Thailand we cooperate with. We have relationships with many of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Because we are independent, we can select the products that are the right choice for every installation and can get the best prices available in the country. With renewable energy One size does NOT fit all. Every installation is unique and needs to be individually designed to ensure that the maximum benefits are obtained.


Private Grid Connected Roof Top Systems

Currently (as of May 2018) the Thai Energy authorities are establishing new laws governing the connection of Private renewable energy systems to the grid. Various incentives are being considered and once they become law, renewable energy systems will become more and more attractive with various incentives expected to encourage the adoption of systems.

As soon as these plans become fixed into the regulations we are expecting demand to go through the roof, and, of course, increased demand means increased cost. Renewable energy systems right now are being offered at extremely attractive prices and early adopters will see higher benefits than those who wait.

Expected New "Feed In" regulations

Operations incentives will be in the form of a "feed in tariff" of FiT. In the case of a Fit any power not used on site and which is fed back to the grid will be credited towards your electricity bill. This credit will reduce the cost of the electricity used when the sun does not shine. This arrangement with your electricity provider is called "net metering."

For areas that do not suffer frequent power cuts, the most efficient type of system is a grid connected system. Although these systems will not operate when there is no grid power, the lower cost of the system compared to those with battery back up means that they are generally considered to offer the greatest rate of return and installation cost break even.



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