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Krabi solar power solutions
Krabi solar power solutions
Krabi Off grid solutions
Krabi Off grid solutions

Wholesaler & Retailer for Renewable Energy in Thailand and Asia

Solaris Green Energy is aiming to bring renewable energy to Southern Thailand. Our Directors have experience in the fields of renewable energy, property development and construction and are now focusing this experience on creating a company that will make all forms of renewable energy a realistic option to all businesses and individuals. Thailand has been a bit slow in adopting solar technology but is catching up fast. Solaris believe that there is a huge potential with not only the cost benefits but also helping to keep Southern Thailand’s environment clean.

For all of our projects we select only the highest quality products and components and provide engineering and construction to the highest standards in an effort to provide the most efficient and effective renewable energy power systems. We are focused on helping our partners and clients generate clean energy and an attractive return on investment.

Solaris Green Energy’s philosophy is to offer our clients and partners independent solutions that are reliable and value-driven. We believe that together with our partners we can provide the greatest, positive environmental and community impact.

SMA Smart House

SMA Smart HomeAs a window to the SMA Smart home, the sunny Portal is used to operate and configure the Sunny Home Manager. There functions are available using any internet browser and can be accessed using any Computer or smartphone.

Sunny Boy 5000TLThis PV Inverter converts the DC current produced by solar panels into AC current that can be used in your house. Excess can be stored in batteries or, in some cases, can be returned to the grid to reduce you electricity bills.

SMA Energy MeterAs a powerful measurement solution for intelligent energy management, The SMA Energy Meter identifies electrical measurements. It transmits the data on PV generation, purchased electricity, and grid feed-in via speedwire to the Sunny Home Manager or to the Sunny Island.

Sunny Home ManagerUsing intelligent analysis of various input parameters, the Sunny Portal Manager ensures optimal timing of power generation and consumption.

Sunny PortalSMA Smart HomeAs a window to the SMA Smart home, the sunny Portal is used to operate and congure the Sunny Home Manager. There functions are available using any internet browser and can be accessed using any Computer or smartphone.

Uncontrolled LoadsWhile individual appliances like computers and tv's are not controlled directly, the Sunny Portal does learn the load profiles of your house to better control the required loads.

SMA Bluetooth Radio Controlled SocketLoads that can be operated at various times and have no control interface can be activated by the Sunny Home Manager via an SMA remote controlled socket at the optimal time. The socket also features an integrated measurement device that records the exact amount of energy consumed by the connected device to improve planning accuracy.

Controlled LoadsElectrical appliances such as washing amchines and dryers and hot water heaters that are not limited to a specific switch on time can be activated remotely by the Sunny Home Manager and therefore integrated into tyhe intelligent load management system.

Sunny Island 6.0HIt Provides for temporaray storage of solar power and also offers a grid quality power supply with protection again power cuts.

RouterRouter to connect the system to the internet.

BatteriesBatteries are where the surplus solar power is stored. This power is then made available for subsequent use in either lead acid or lithium-ion batteries in different capacities and from various manufacturers.

Utility GridThe load on the grid is reduced through self-consumption, since the household consumes less power from the electricity grid and at the same time feeds less PV into it. In the future it will be possible to use surplus energy in the grid at lower tariffs. The Sunny Home Manager takes that into account when managing loads thus further reducing your energy bill.

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