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DAH Solar

Full- Screen Module

“Full-Screen” has become a unique label for DAH Solar. As the globally patented product, the Full-Screen module was first released at SNEC in 2021 and went into mass production and large-scale shipments in October of the same year to domestic and foreign markets,its market influence and reputation have rapidly increased due to its function of “Self-Cleaning”,  which brings a power generation increase of 6-15%. 

DAH Solar Co., Ltd.

is an innovation-driven and technology-leading PV product manufacturing company. DAH Solar contributes to providing high-efficiency PV modules, high-quality solar cells, high-tech integrated solar systems, and high-quality energy storage to our valued customers. DAH Solar has 4 high-end technology factories to achieve a half-yearly production capacity of 2GW of solar cells, 5GW of PV modules (2.5GW of TOPCon PV modules) and 3.5GW of TOPCon solar cells by 2023.DAH Solar’s innovative product, the Full-Screen PV Module, holds a global patent in 18 countries and regions. Full-Screen PV Module successfully achieves 6-15% power generation increase through technology innovation.


DAH Solar Change Your World

DAH Solar Global Patent Product – N-Type TOPCon Full-Screen PV Module

Full Screen PV Module "5mm Innovation"

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