The AlphaESS EV charger, SMILE-EVC11, could be easily installed at home and integrated with Alpha energy storage system, which makes it capable to charge your vehicle with 100% renewable energy and take full advantage of AlphaCloud to cut your electricity bills.


Nominal Power Rate:11000 W
Nominal Input Voltage:400 V
Nominal Input Current:16 A
Frequency50/60 Hz
Nominal Ac Output Voltage400 V
Nominal Ac output Current16 A
Weight3.2 kg
Cable Length7m
Dimension(WxDxH)325 x 181 x 87 mm
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The AlphaESS EV fast charger using a type 2 cable

Use solar power to charge your EV with our AlphaESS fast charger. Whether you want to power your EV with solar, or through your grid-connected home, your EV only needs an hour of charging time for every 50 kilometers driven. For yourcharging comfort and flexibility, ourAlphaESS cord is 7 meters long.

APP smart controlList item
Key card identifiableKey card identifiable
PV or battery chargablePV or battery chargable
Long charging cable (7m)Long charging cable (7m)


Sungrow_SP600S_DatasheetDatasheet Alpha ESS SMILE-EVCT11


  Sungrow_SP600S_DatasheetInstallation-Operation-Manual_EN Alpha ESS SMILE-EVCT11

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