Alpha Ess SMILE B3

Residential All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS). Battery inverter

  • Battery inverter 3kW
  • 2.9kWh storage integrated (1C, 96% DoD, 51.2V
  • Free online monitoring
  • Wifi communicaton (optional)
  • Open API, modbus control portal
  • Max. 5 Batterie (2.9kWh) units in parallel to the main unit

Only qualified Installers (certified by Alpha ESS or Solaris) are allowed to install and commission the Alpha ESS products!

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A single phase, all-in-one 3kW battery that is expandable to 17.4kWh

The Smile-B3 is a powerful retrofit Solar battery system. This battery is suitable for any pre-existing Solar system with no current Solar battery attached. The Smile-B3 can pair with up to six 2.9kWh batteries, expanding your storage capacity to 17.4kWh. This can be suitable for small families, or groups.

Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types
German design, super performance and long lifespan
Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)
Multiple operation modes available
Build-in Battery
Intelligent design



Datasheet Alpha Ess B3  


Manual Alpha Ess B3 V07  

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