Alpha Ess Smile 5

Residential Hybrid Energy Storage System (ESS) is a new kind of power solution.

Hybrid inverter

  • Max. PV input: max. 6.6 kW
  • Nominaloutput: 5 kW AC
  • Integrated charger: 1OOAmp  
  • UPS 4kW continuous for critical Loads
  • An integrated cable box with PV and battery isolator
  • Product warranty: 5 years

Battery Module

This outstanding LFP (LiFePO4) battery is ONLY sold together with the Alpha Smile 5 Inverter as a set or for Smile 5 owners who want to expand their system!

  • Capacity: 10.1kWh (DOD 90%)
  • Usable Capacity: 9.1kWh
  • Performance warranty: 10 years or 8,000 cycles
  • Product warranty: 5 years 
  • 6 Max. modules in parallel

Only qualified Installers (certified by Alpha ESS or Solaris) are allowed to install and commission the Alpha ESS products!

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Residential Hybrid Energy Storage System (ESS) is a new kind of power solution.

A single phase 5kW hybrid inverter with energy storage that is expandable to 60.6kWh. Whether you are living in an area prone to power cuts, or in the city, the Smile5 will cater to your home’s energy needs with its high-performance features, such as its islanding function.
The high-tech islanding function was developed to keep your home’s critical circuits powered without interruption when the grid is down, i.e., during a power cut.

The Alpha ESS battery series chemistry is Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which means it is safe and reliable. Our Smile5 energy storage systems can pair with up to six batteries, with the large 10.1kWh battery expanding your storage capacity to 60.6kWh.

Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of
all lithium battery types
German design, superb
performance and long lifespan
Compatible with both new installations and retrofits
(AC- or DC-coupled)
Multiple operation modes available
Long Lifetime
Modular design
Intelligent design



How It Works



Datasheet Alpha Ess Smile 5Datasheet Alpha Ess Smile 5    


  Installation manual Alpha Ess SMILE 5

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