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Our Partner

Chaweewan Group

Chaweewan Group has been our installation partner since 2020.

Chaweewan Group is an expat service center that serves customers in Thailand. Our interest in solar technology started in 2018. We wanted to get involved in the solar industry because it is a benefit for the customer in terms of savings and for the world in terms of green energy.

Chaweewan Group Solar Mission Statement

For the customer it’s almost always the buttom line that matters most. We pride ourselves in designing systems that has the highest potential to save money for the customer over time. This means working with high quality components and include proper after sale support.

Saving money is not about getting the cheapest installation. It’s about getting an installation that works over time, with very low risk of failure. A solar installation is an investment, a very good investment in the current climate where getting just a few percent return on your money per year can be a challenge.

Solar installations often have 15-20 % return of investment per year. These are incredible numbers, but all investments have risks. Solar investments have risks mainly related to bad installations, improper electrical work and subpar equipment.

By choosing a company that do proper installations, one has already protected the investment in the best ways. The customer’s low risk and high gain investment is our goal. The reason is clear, Chaweewan Group are in Thailand to stay and our goal is the same as the customer’s: Long term profitability based on sensible investment.

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