Alpha Ess Smile T10-HV

Residential Hybrid Energy Storage System (ESS) is a new kind of power solution.

Hybrid inverter

  • Max. PV input: 16 kWp (2x MPPT / 4 strings)
  • Nominal output: 10 kW AC
  • Rated voltage: 380 V / 400 V
  • UPS <15ms
  • BMS & EMS integrated
  • An integrated cable box with PV and battery isolator
  • Product warranty: 5 years (10 years warranty optional)

Battery Module

This outstanding LFP (LiFePO4) high voltage battery is ONLY sold together with the Alpha Smile T10-HV Inverter as a set or for Smile T10-HV  owners who want to expand their system!

  • Capacity: 8.2 kWh (DOD 95%) 256 V
  • Performance warranty: 10 years
  • Product warranty: 5 years
  • 6 Max. modules in parallel

Only qualified Installers (certified by Alpha ESS or Solaris) are allowed to install and commission the Alpha ESS products!

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The world’s first All-In-One three phase hybrid, high voltage residential energy storage system with UPS function.

The Smile T10-HV was designed to power three-phase homes. With its high-tech islanding function, you can keep your home’s critical circuits powered, without any interruptions across all three phases when the grid is down, i.e., during a power cut.
As the world moves toward greater power consumption through working from home, and further, we’re experience a higher energy output than ever before. With the T10-HV, the high voltage feature will power more of your home at once.
High-voltage batteries store more energy with faster charging and discharging rates (1.2C) comparing to Low-voltage (48V with 0.5C) batteries. So, as you can see, the high-voltage battery with the same capacity needs less space. The Smile T10-HV is available with a single 8.2kWh battery and can be expanded up to a capacity of 49.5 kWh (6 battery modules).

Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types
German design, superb performance and long lifespanue
Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)
Multiple operation modes available
UPS ability
Long Lifetime
Modular design
Three Phase
24/7 Monitoring



Datasheet Alpha Ess Smile 5Datasheet Alpha Ess SMILE-T10-HV


Installation Manual ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM Alpha Ess SMILE-T10-HV

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