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Our Partners

EES Solar is a reliable Solar company working in the Phuket and Southern Thailand areas. Working closely with our suppliers to ensure we deliver professional and effective solutions to our clients.

Having over 30 years in the engineering environment globally and over 10 years of experience within the Solar industry in South Africa and now Thailand, EES is well situated to manage any size projects, from domestic to commercial installations.

With rising electrical costs, the reducing costs for solar systems, improved solar technology and governments putting more and more pressure on companies to adhere to stringent ‘green initiatives’ in order to meet the demands to reduce greenhouse gases, Solar alternative energy systems are becoming well known discussion points and affordable solutions today to these rising energy challenges.

Having started our business in Phuket doing renovations and building works, EES included solar installations in 2020 as the demand for this kind of product started increasing rapidly and the need for reliable solar installers was on the rise.

Our goal is to work with our customers to help them understand the capabilities of solar systems and design a solution that will reduce grid dependency and provide back up to essential services during power outages.

EES adhered to the stringent legal regulatory requirements set out by the PEA and ensure all systems meet these requirements.

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