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Our Partners

KUNINI Electrical Service  has been our installation partner since 2017.

Kunini was founded in August 2002 in Koh Samui, Thailand. The initial aim was for Kunini to offer quality security solutions to Koh Samui’s rapidly growing community. In the early days, Kunini was known as Kunini Security. It was decided that security was to be removed from the name after transformation of the business from Security to Electrical and Lighting Contractors in 2009.

The business started out as a small operation offering quality security systems; alarms, CCTV, access control and other related products.

Other Technologies

The property market in Koh Samui stared to rapidly expand, so Kunini started to research other popular technologies and services that could be incorporated into their product line-up allowing them to assist their customers with a more expanded product offering for their projects.

Kunini has always had a genuine passion and interest in technology, as such Kunini started to look at the ever popular home automation systems that were starting to emerge in the market place. Kunini’s first venture into the automation business was with Futronix, a leading lighting control system manufacturer from the UK who already had a strong presence in Thailand, (Futronix is a Thai BOI company with a manufacturing base in Chaing Mai).

Futronix, are innovators, they offer high specification products at a low cost of ownership, without compromising on quality. As such, they were an ideal partner with which to collaborate with. Kunini started designing and installing Futronix Lighting Control Systems in 2005, they have now installed more than 100 systems domestically and commercially, from high-end villas to restaurants and hotels. Around the same period Kunini started to offer turnkey electrical systems and retrofits to many residential and commercial projects in Samui and surrounding provinces.

In 2009 Kunini established itself as a premier Electrical and Lighting Contractor specialising on quality electrical installations in line with international regulations, at this time all Security products and services were dropped by the company.

Kunini moved its business out of Koh Samui in 2010 and relocated to Hua Hin. Hua Hin is the official Head Office for the company. In 2015 Kunini opened its Branch Office in Pattaya and now concentrates on projects in Hua Hin, Bangkok and Pattaya.

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