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Our Partners

Samui Service Co., Ltd.

Samui Service has been our installation partner since 2016.

SOLAR SAMUI is in business since 2008.

  • Large Experience in Renewable Energy
  • Access to and knowledge of the latest products
  • Strong suppliers, reliable after sales service
  • Experienced installation teams
  • Ability to project costs and benefits

Areas of competence

  • SOLAR ON GRID – invest in solar with a return of investment
  • SOLAR OFF GRID – where no electricity is available
  • SOLAR HYBRID – Solar plus batteries to cover power cuts
  • HEAT PUMPS to generate hot water at very low costs
  • HEAT RECOVERY to get hot water for free

SOLAR SAMUI – your partner for Solar Energy and Energy Saving.

We mostly work together with homeowners (80 %) and with developers (20 %).

Claude, the owner, is a German engineer and can communicate in four languages.

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