DAH Solar DHN-72X16/FS(BB) 570W

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Patented fullscreen technology: Fullscreen means no dirt deposits as with conventional PV modules. Thanks to the patented fullscreen technology from our partner DAH Solar, you are free from dirt deposits and the associated loss of performance.
Higher Power Generation Efficiency
N-type TOPCon module could increase power generationby 3%+ per Watt compared with PERC module
Lower Degradation Rate, PID ResistanceFirst-year ≤1%, 2-30 year ≤0.4%; excellent Anti-PID performance
Lower Temp. Coefficient more power generation under high-temperature
Better Dim Light Performance
Excellent performance under dim light
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for this product is 170 pcs. (5 pallets in 40ft container) !

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Datasheet DAH Solar DHN-72X16/FS (BB) 570W~585W


Installation Manual for DAH Solar Full-Screen Modules

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