Dual Carbon Battery

30/05/2014 0 By Ghostraider

Dual Carbon Batteries are the first battery breakthrough since Lithium Ion. 

Advantages over Lithium Ion:

20 x faster charge
Can be uncharged up to 100% (Li-Ion 70%)
Low production cost
3000 charge cycles
Higher energy dense than Li-Ion
100 % recyclable


The dual carbon battery enables high-performance, high value products coveted by consumers. The battery is energy dense and could enable a 300-mile range electric vehicle. It also charges 20 times faster than the best lithium ion battery available.

The fast charge time of a dual carbon battery could yield even longer-range electric vehicles, as regenerative braking will be more efficient. Even more, the dual carbon battery can be 100% discharged, further extending the length of each usable charge cycle. The dual carbon battery is also more powerful than other advanced batteries, operating at 4 volts.

The dual carbon battery is the first ever high performance battery that meets consumer lifecycle demand, rated for more than 3,000 charge cycles.
This means an electric vehicle powered by a dual carbon battery will maintain high power and long life after years of use, retaining resale value.

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