Seraphim Attended Symposium on New Testing Standards of Solar Module and Materials organized by TÜV SÜD

12/07/2016 0 By Ghostraider

Recently, as one of the first companies applying the new testing standards, Seraphim was invited to the symposium on new standards of solar module and materials organized by TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD is a worldwide professional 3rd-party testing body, and a longtime friend of Seraphim.

The symposium was hosted by the director of SMN & PA, Hurry Xu, and many experts from the industry attended: deputy researcher of the National Institute of Metrology Dr. Junchao Zhang, solar executive director & chief licensing officer Zhulin Zhang, solar module components licensing officer Yaqun Liu, manager of the solar department Yaozhong Wu, solar module technic manager Xiangxi Bo, project manager of solar module Buxiang Jiang, to name just a few.

The symposium thoroughly interpreted IEC 61215, including its structure, sampling procedures, module output measuring standards, detailed testing procedures, possible impacts introduced by new standards, and other key changes within the IEC 61215. TÜV SÜD had also answered attendant questions during the testing process. Experts from TÜV SÜD had also introduced another international standard that is possibly to be announced this September, IEC 61730, and other topics on smart module testing, updates on IEC material standards, etc.

In a word, this symposium is quite a rewarding, and an inspiring success! Seraphim has been constantly devoted itself into improving module quality and efficiency, and will continue working with TÜV SÜD to accelerate technical innovations and a more prosperous PV industry in the future.

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